Social Media Training - Skills Accelerator

Social Media Training - Skills Accelerator - 1 Day Training

Social media is the hottest topic in digital and an essential part of every brands digital armoury. From Facebook and Twitter to blogs and facilitators, social media has inspired some of the most innovative and creative campaigns of the past year. Social media has become more than an after-thought: it is now a part of every successful marketing campaign!

Social media has also led to the empowerment of consumers. Users have become the driving force of the internet: they talk about our products to each other behind our backs, and we can no longer control the story they tell. Want to know what they are saying about your brand? Get tips and practical advice on how to use social media to manage online reputation; how to listen to customers; and how to enter into meaningful and relevant conversations with them.

Covering everything from the social media landscape, key trends and behaviours to campaign planning and measurement through a combination of case studies and industry knowledge, this course is the ultimate social media ‘how to guide.’

Summary of key outcomes:

  • Learn how to track digital chatter and listen to consumers
  • Be introduced to the social media key players are and the key trends around them
  • See how to use branded applications in social networks
  • Hear how to influence the influencers and pro-actively manage your brands reputation online
  • Learn how to create viral marketing campaigns
  • Gain an understanding of social network advertising technology and how to use branded applications
  • Get access to case studies on hugely successful social media campaigns such as Walkers and Cadburys
  • Hear the benefits and pitfalls of display advertising on user-generated content sites

>> Delivered by: CEO of a leading social media agency

Who should attend? This session is for anyone that has a little bit of knowledge but wants to know more and is relevant to marketers, editorial staff, designers and developers.

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