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How to maximise your video marketing for 2014

How to maximise your video marketing for 2014

By Matt Pierce, customer engagement manager, TechSmith

Increasing numbers of businesses are waking up to the benefits of creating video marketing materials. For a marketer, video and visual content can be used to attract potential customers and can also help to encourage existing customers to upgrade. The benefits of using videos in marketing are numerous but they are particularly helpful when products are complex and difficult to explain over the phone or via a written manual. A short video visually showcasing a product’s new features for example, can replace a lengthy text description altogether.  
With this in mind, 64% of survey respondents from an eMarketer 2013 study said that they plan to use more video content in marketing. However this means that it is more important than ever to ensure that your business’ video marketing content stands out from the crowd.

Tailoring video content for you audience

The first step in creating an engaging marketing video is to think about who your target audience is. A marketing video to one person might be incredibly interesting and engaging, but that same video might be considered dull by someone else. Whilst it is unlikely you will be able to create marketing videos that are tailored to one specific person, it is worth thinking through who the average customer for your product is. By assessing what your target audience will need to learn about your product, and how this should best be delivered, the more effective you’ll be at keeping their attention and creating preference for your products and services.

Keeping it short and sweet

Respondents to the TechSmith video viewership survey stated that marketers have less than 50 seconds in which to capture and intrigue them when watching a video online or they will skip the content altogether. Marketing videos should try to reflect this by providing quick bursts of useful information. Assessing how long the marketing video should be is a significant factor in the planning stage. When you aren’t able to get all necessary product information into one short video, you can chunk the video into smaller clips as part of a series. This kind of digestible content enables potential customers to go straight to the new product feature that is important to them without having to sit through a 10 minute video.

Crowdsourcing knowledge

When creating a marketing video you will often want a variety of stakeholders within your business to provide input to make the content as strong as possible. Different employees will be able to bring information and ideas to the table about the new product. Having a combination of insights will make the video more informative and potentially more engaging for the viewer. Some of the latest video and image editing tools allow for projects to be worked on in real-time by different people by integrating them into platforms such as Google Drive. It is therefore worth making the most of these collaboration tools during your video development process.

Sometimes less is more

Today’s video editing software includes features that can help increase engagement by ‘bringing them to life’. Hotspots, which embed links to additional content in videos, interactive quizzes and annotations are all great effects but the trick is to use them where it is appropriate. Overloading a video with special effects can be off-putting as the viewer might not have enough time to interact with the video, visit an accompanying website or read annotations.

What worked and what didn’t

Once the video is published, tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and Optimizely can dig deeper to help you understand how your viewers are interacting with your content. These tools can highlight where in the video people switch off, which sections are most effective at eliciting a response and when people choose to share a video on social networks. This enables you to find out what is working well and what isn’t, which is especially useful if you are planning a series of marketing videos.

With increasing numbers of businesses creating marketing videos, it is vital to ensure your video stands out from the crowd. This can be achieved by creating content that is personable, to the point and measurable.

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