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How to use web analytics to make your site work harder

How to use web analytics to make your site work harder

By Tim Langley, CEO of CANDDi

When less than 3% of website hits result in enquiries, marketers should push for their business websites to deliver much more.

Many business websites act purely as a brochure for a business and marketers don’t capture essential information and insights to ensure the website is delivering in terms of sales conversions.

Every consumer now does their research before they buy, reach for the credit card and the purchase decision can be made within seconds.

Marketers need to be looking at the customer journey to firstly make sure customers can easily find what they are looking for and secondly, to gain insights into popular products and services.

So how do marketing managers ensure their company’s website is working to its full capacity and generating true sales enquiries and conversions?

Free analytics packages, such as Google Analytics, are immensely useful for examining population data but currently doesn’t give insights about individual users and their path to purchase point.

However, smart marketers are now using visitor analytics software for deep analysis and insights to discover whether their website really delivers in terms of sales.

Here’s five ways marketers can improve the function of their online presence and e-commerce by incorporating visitor analytics into their strategy.

1.    Improving the overall customer journey

Are there any stumbling blocks or barriers to the natural flow of a customer using the website to find the information they need or purchase a product? By examining individual customer journeys and why they don’t convert to sales, a marketer can discover what needs improving.

2.    Analysing the performance of a new section or product

When a new product or website section is launched, it is vital to examine how it is performing. Population data can tell you how many page views it has had but not how many sales it has resulted in or how the consumer moves around the website. By looking at visitor analytics, deep insights around the customer journey can tell you if it’s successful in terms of sales, compared to other products or sections.

3.    Analysing the success of a particular marketing campaign

Visitor analytics can be tied in with email marketing campaigns, and not only tell you who opened the email, but what web pages they went onto view, if they have ever viewed web pages previously, what they purchased and what documents they downloaded. This information can give you more insight into how many conversions a particular campaign has instigated, rather than standard campaign data.
4.    Capture a potential customer at buying point  

Many website visitors browse products numerous times as they do their research and compare products. For a big ticket item, this could be many times before the consumer finally makes a decision and commits to a purchase.

Standard population data analytics cannot tell you how many times a customer has visited your website before, what products they are interested in and the different devices they viewed the website on.

Deep insights from visitor analytics can help marketers piece together the jigsaw and decide when and how they might be able to intervene to influence a purchase decision.

5.    Feeding a CRM (customer relationship management) system with real time customers’ purchase intent and interests

CRM systems typically take information from sales people or, for more advanced businesses, from form submissions or purchases made on the website. These capture only a very small level of information.

Visitor level analytics can recognise existing customers, capture in real time what they are interested in and input the findings into the company’s CRM system or Big Data. This opens doors to tremendous up-selling opportunities based on personalisation to each individual’s interests.

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