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Swimshop regains control over abandoned baskets

Swimshop regains control over abandoned baskets


Swimshop, part of the Sports Direct Group, is Europe’s largest swim specialist. It caters for individuals, pool owners, professionals, local authorities and schools, offering the widest range of swimming products in Europe.

Like most online retailers, Swimshop suffered from its fair share of abandoned baskets and decided that retargeting these abandoned basket opportunities should be addressed using LifecycleMAGIQ, a lifecycle marketing platform that had already delivered results in cross-channel marketing campaigns. The challenge was how to best reach online customers after they had abandoned their baskets and left the website.


Swimshop had been using LifecycleMAGIQ for some months to deliver a real-time personalised web experience, based on visitors’ behaviour and history, to engage visitors at the key moments in their purchase lifecycle journey. Its next target was to execute a cross-channel campaign to retarget the purchasers who had dropped their baskets.

In order to effectively target customers, Swimshop needed to use web page banners as well as email; as many visitors are going to be anonymous prior to their first purchase. It was also important that it implemented a campaign that did not teach visitors that abandoning a basket was a fast route to a discount.


As LifecycleMAGIQ builds and maintains profiles for every visitor, including their interests and behaviours, it automatically knows when a visitor has dropped a basket. This makes targeting them extremely easy.

Using LifecycleMAGIQ, Swimshop set a Trigger to fire when a visitor abandoned their basket and then attached an Action to target them. Two Actions were created; one sent the visitor an email (if their email address was in their profile) offering them 15 per cent off their next purchase, the second pushed an offer banner into the web site (for up to 20 pages) in their following web visits. The benefit of using web banners is that these can target anonymous visitors with relevant, timely and personal offers; whereas, the advantage of an email is that it remains in the inbox, tempting the customer to return.

LifecycleMAGIQ ensured that the campaign prevented discount hunting shoppers by setting the action to only fire once per person in any 3 month period. If Swimshop decides to change these criteria in the future; as it only takes a few minutes to amend the settings for any Trigger or Action, the company will be able to easily experiment with different offers, creative, timing, etc. to gain full visibility of what works most effectively and delivers the highest profit.


LifecycleMAGIQ automatically runs a 10% control group within the target audience to allow Swimshop to measure the effectiveness of its Actions. For example, it revealed that for this campaign, the email outperformed the banner adverts.

Swimshop saw conversion rates in the targeted community of up to 61% and average basket size increased by £27. Over £11,000 of sales were generated by individuals targeted during a twelve day period and over the course of the first month, this single campaign influenced over 10% of the site’s revenue.


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