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Best Travel CRM March 2008

By Nicola Salmons

Spring is the busiest time of the year for the travel industry as holidaymakers plan for their big holiday of the year, or look to make the best of improving weather after the grim winter months.

Getting yout CRM right is critical in one of the most competitive bookings. Get it right and you may get some valuable business. Get it wrong and you're likely to miss out.

Here's a round up of some of the best and worst email marketing doing the rounds this month (above)

The large pink jumbo sale ad is visually stimulating, it emphasises the point of the exclusive sale being large and draws the eye instantly. The user is informed of the great big deals and exciting destinations. There are more articles, including Mothers day gifts, home interiors websites and competitions to keep the user interested.  



The opening line is ‘Book a Virgin Atlantic flight and get £20 off’. This is a great hook to hold the users interest. Because the flight prices are clearly displayed below this great offer and there are inspiring pictures, with the discounted price included the user has all the information needed to make a purchasing decision and there is a link to book the flight under the article, which makes this site easy to use, straight forward and good value.

There are other articles for users who are not interested in booking flights straight away. Future deals for Easter trips, with top deals to cater for all needs.



The travel recommendations section is written by expert travel consultants. It is a great site for the more adventurous traveller, with unusual / less well known destinations, there is something for every taste. The design of the site could be better, it’s a bit too plain to really grab the users’ attention for long and there is nothing else to keep users interested after looking at the main articles.



This site is visually stimulating, the pictures are enticing, and the cheap prices are clearly stated with a section dedicated to various parts of the UK and the variations in prices when leaving form different airports. This site is cheap and cheerful and very easy to navigate.

Turkey of the Month - Budget Travel


The newsletter is supposed to be about budget travel, but the first article is about a train journey around Tibet, which is not a budget trip. All the destinations are far reaching and wonderful places to visit, but there are only small references to the actual prices of the trips, which are still expensive in comparison to other budget mail out links.

The CRM is also not very visually stimulating, with very basic designs, it does not inspire the user or ‘whet their appetite’ on travel destinations.

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