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Editor’s Pick. Citroen C5 ‘Unmistakably German’

Agency: Euro RSCG

Client: Citroen

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The famous French car manufacturer has launched a new ad that is decidedly German.

With Wagner’s famous ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ providing a rousing score, the new Euro RSCG ad plays off the reputation of Citroën’s German rivals to highlight the Teutonic qualities of the brand new C5.

The blonde hero drives his “unidentified” car from a swashbuckling duel outside a snowy gothic castle to a traditional Bavarian hofbräuhaus, before joining the Autobahn to Berlin where he pulls up in front of the historic Brandenburg Gates.

Finally the narrator, Wolf Kahler, with German accent, introduces the campaign strapline, ‘Unmistakeably German’, wryly adding ‘Made in France’.

The point? To highlight that only Citroën could style such a car and provide the consumer with a strong and credible alternative to German motors.

Citroën’s previous ad featuring a dancing C4 robot became an overnight cult success - as well as inspiring several other amusing parodies.

This on the other hand may boost sales of sauerkraut, weissbeir and bratwurst… and even Citroen’s new car.

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