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London’s best Christmas shop windows

By Ruth Jacob

It’s the most important time of year for high street retailers. Christmas is the time when sales are at their highest and traditionally windows are the most flamboyant. For some stores, the windows are an attraction in themselves making an alternative family day out for consumers. When windows are essential in driving footfall in-store we take a look at some of the best in our capital.

Harvey Nichols (pictured above)

Harvey Nichols housed an excellent display in their main store windows; a ‘colour-coordinated, winter wonderland’ could be seen from window to window throughout the department store.  Christmas trees, which corresponded with the contents of each window displays, could be seen outside of each window display.

The side window also housed colour-coordinated products ranging from evening gowns, to gloves and accessories to eye waxing kits.  These window displays also appeared to portray less subtle surrounding, compared to the front windows.  The windows appeared to have a blizzard theme, with chunky blocks and large balls can be seen to represent snowballs.



Harrods windows involved an enchanted forest theme, including snow covered trees and a crystal adorned fairy.  Winter snow could be seen on the grounds of the window displays.  Numerous mannequins could be seen all dresses in evening gowns and tuxedos all of which enhanced the Christmas party season.

Wide screen TV monitors were used in some of the window displays and attracted customer attention as they walked by the department store, but they also helped to illustrate the wide product range that is available in store.



The Oxford Street department store, delivered an eye-catching variety of visuals.  Colour co-ordinated mannequins draped in seasonal party wear could be seen on snow-covered grounds, all in front of a blue backboard.  One window display included a tree, adorned with co-ordinating decorations and mannequins.
TV monitors show seasonal adverts can be seen in one of the store window displays and helped to attract customer attention as they walk by the department store.  This window included snow covered Christmas trees, decorated with Jo Malone perfume bottles.

John Lewis

Xmas_John Lewis

The window display in John Lewis comprised of ranges of the store’s products, being placed in starry blue backboards.  Also more product ranges could be seen on top of blue Christmas parcels.

The main backboard was a plain white colour, but allowed the blue backboard and brightly coloured products to stand out clearly in the display window.



Debenhams window display was created to appeal to all customers, whether male, female or children.  One window display portrays a glamorous dinner theme; with mannequins displaying eveningwear, showing off the party season wear.
One of their most striking windows was aimed at young children, but clearly appealed to adults also.  The display was set as a home environment on Christmas morning.  Teddies, dolls and many other gifts, were stashed underneath a decorated Christmas tree.

One key feature was a stack of presents, which intermittently popped out a Christmas present. Moreover, all the toys moved to music, which overall demanded customer attention and brought.
Other windows were more subtly displayed, with a simple ‘Christmas Wishes’ greeting and mannequins in party dresses.  The backboard, a plain white colour allowed the few decorations to contrast clearly.  Giant sparklers and store products could be seen clearly in the window display.  

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