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October 2007 best e-mail marketing

By Ruth Jacob

Our e-mail boxes are jammed with marketing messages on a daily basis, promoting something or another.

What was once junk mail, that streamed through the letter box, is now available in e-mail format, meaning it can be deleted, as quickly as it can be opened.

But which message promotions actually catch our attention and get read? This can be dependent on the layout and content; if it's not appealing it won't get the readers attention.

We take a look at some of the appealing e-mail messages, used as marketing tools.  Some do it well, while some don't.

Here are five of our current favourites and one ‘turkey’ of the week.

Travel Marketplace

CRM_Travel Marketplace

Travel Marketplace, has provided an effective e-mail as the image stands out and portrays the message of the e-mail, providing a suggestion of where the reader can travel to.  In this case the location is North Carolina, in the Fall season.  The image containing leaves along the ground paint a vivid picture of the Fall theme.  The content is not too bulky and so can be read straight away by the reader.



The message is clearly laid out and the reader has an idea of what the message is about.  Links are also available to allow the viewer to see more content, in relation to message but also as the written content is quite brief but detailed allowing the reader to have an understanding of what the message is about.  Images from Burberry's Autumn/Winter campaign can be seen with the message. 



ASDA have used the message, in a format that clearly strikes home.  The content again is not too bulky which allows more information to be taken in, by the reader.  The images are eye catching include the company logo, in the theme of the messages.

The marketing promotion are can also be seen clearly, which allows the reader to know what the message is about.  The inclusion of tick boxes for all the benefits of their offers provides a positive and interactive tool.


Distinct imagery has been used, to attract attention to the message content.  The links at the top of the page can also be clearly seen and provide a clear view of all the services that can be provided, for the reader.

The message also appears to be marketed specifically towards male readers.  This includes one-off events, music and travel.  A search link is also available for the viewer and can encourage the reader to search the site for available offers.



Opodo have used images as well as brightly coloured text to keep the attention of the reader.  Images in the message include a world atlas with destination location, offers and airline options to different parts of the world.  The content also caters to different areas of interest that may be of concern to travellers who are trying to arrange a holiday.

Turkey of the Week


The layout of the message in some areas makes the content unclear.  The image on the right, shows a picture of actress, Ashley Jenson.  The corresponding text can not be seen clearly, as it blends in with the picture, where it should contrast.

Also the image is shot at a wide angle and includes the view of people, which can take the attention away from the Ashley Jenson.  Some of the content appears to be repetitive, as some content has appered in previous e-mail messages.

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