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October magazine sales promotions

By Ruth Jacob

Summer is officially over and Autumn clearly here. Magazines have adapted their sale promotions and free gifts to cater to the cooler weather and encourage a cosy nights in.

Whatever can be in store for readers next month? We’re holding out for jingle bells.



Company magazine provides a free packet of ‘Tic-Tac’ mints, along with a glossy supplement 'Reveal'. The text in relation to the promotion is clear to see, with the use of bold font, and contrasting colours against a bright pink background, makes the offer more clearly seen.

The price of the magazine is clearly placed on the packaging as well as on the magazine itself. This creates strong implications to the fact that the gift is free and the price is still the same.



The magazine provides the perfect supplement for an evening in; with a free novel, courtesy of Fey Weldon and a 'Ryvita Goodness bar', the customer can enjoy both freebies in the comfort of their own home. The word 'Free' can be clearly seen to the size of the font and its colour against the backdrop.

The price of the novel and simultaneously the price that the reader will be saving can be seen clearly near the image of the novel. The fact the She has provided two free gifts may be a double incentive to attract customers to purchase the magazine. 



This magazine is using its promotions to encourage its readers to prepare for Christmas. Along with a Red beauty special, the magazine provides a free Christmas Red direct catalogue, packed with a wide range of gift ideas.

A selection of the gift ideas can be seen on the packaging of the magazine, against the blue metallic background, which provides a contrast to the images and text, in relation to the offer. Red has used both the top and the bottom of the magazine to push their free gifts promotions. 

Easy Living

Oct_Easy Living

Easy Living has provided a gift that is both practical during the Autumn/ Winter seasons but is also ethical. The magazine provides a free pair of recycled gloves for their readers. The gloves are available in three-colour ways, which may encourage multiple purchases from some readers.

The promotion is placed in a subtler format in comparison with other magazines. This can be see by the use of a pastel colour for the background, where other magazines have used bold colours.

However the information is clear to see as the image of the gloves draw attention to the promotion information. Also the information relating to the free gift can be seen at the very top of the packaging, along with am image of the gift.



Eve magazine has provided a free umbrella courtesy of fashion retailer, Phase Eight. The promotion is placed across the bottom of the page, so that as little attention as possible is taken away from the main content of the magazine.

The promotion uses key words like 'Designer' to attract attention to the product, as if the customer is not a regular Eve reader, the product may encourage them to buy the magazine, for the designer umbrella.

The layout of the promotion again focuses on words 'Free' and 'Designer'. Again this product is available in two colours, which can encourage customers to purchase more than one copy.



Glamour magazine has provided a free bar of chocolate. Provided by ethical company Green & Blacks, the product is placed to the side of the magazine in a semi separated package. The image of the chocolate can be seen, and the written content in relation to the promotion can also be seen.

A slogan at the bottom of the magazine packaging reads, 'The ultimate freebie, Give in Tuck in'. This encourages customers to purchase the magazine for the bar of chocolate. The front of the magazine is free to include other promotional offers, including 20% off Dune shoes. Also the front of the magazine can be clearly seen as the promotion is placed on the side of the magazine packaging.

At the top of the magazine packaging, the promotion for a second free gift can be seen. A Glamour A-Z can be seen at the top and again the word 'Free' can be seen clearly as it contrasts from the rest of the promotion text and background colour.



Prima magazine has used sales promotion very cunningly. The free gift that the magazine provides is a free Christmas Traditions magazine. This product can be seen in the package and is available for the reader to use when they buy the magazine.

The second promotion that the magazine provides is a free Diary for 2008. This gift however is only available though placing an order, via the magazine. Though the diary is free, postage and packaging charges must be made to receive the gift.

Again the gift is available in three colours, which may encourage readers to order more than one diary. The key word Free can be seen clearly in relation to both promotions. However in relation to the 2008 diary, the postage and packing information is placed discreetly at the side of the promotional space.

Marie Claire

Oct_Marie Claire

Marie Claire magazine provides a designer bag, courtesy of Julien MacDonald. Images of the three variations of the bag can be seen on the packaging, which can encourage readers to buy more than one copy but also know that they can have some individuality with their choice. The word 'Free' can be clearly, due to its bigger font size, along with the words designer bag.

Also as the magazine is of similar size to the free bag, this highlights the fact that the copy of Marie Claire can be placed inside the bag The promotion for the free gift appears to be subtler than that of other magazines. There is no promotional information at the top of the magazine.

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