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Yogi Bear and Mutley star in Müller ad

Client: Müller

Agency: TBWA

Where can you see our favourite Mr. Men, lovable picnic moocher Yogi Bear, "sniggering hound" Mutley, and KITT, the talking car from the Knight Rider TV series, all in one place?

This ultimate collection of nostalgic pop-culture icons have been brought together for the first time by Müller, Britain’s most popular yogurt and chilled pot dessert brand, to celebrate its new ‘Wünderful Stuff’ campaign.

With a total spend of £30m in 2011, central to the company’s biggest ever marketing push is a £20m integrated advertising campaign, which launched with the first round of this year’s The X Factor live finals.

The 90-second commercial aired simultaneously across 50 channels, including the coveted slot during Britain’s biggest entertainment show.

Central to the campaign is the idea of “stirring a little bit of Wünder” into everyday life. The commercial, made by TBWA, features a host of much-loved famous characters transforming a dull, grey cityscape into a vibrant world of bright colours, rainbows and unicorns.

The "Wünderful Stuff" multi-media campaign incorporates television, video on-demand, outdoor, online, print, cinema, social media and point-of-sale advertising. Creative build billboards will see the characters come to life across prime locations such as London’s Cromwell Road, the busiest road in Europe, and the full 90-second commercial will be rolled out in cinemas too.

“The aim of the "Wünderful Stuff" campaign is to get consumers to sit up and take notice”, said Lee Rolston, marketing director at Müller Dairy.

“Over the years we have continued to stir in an imaginative mix of ingredients to turn a product which was seen as plain and ordinary into something which is fun and delicious. “That’s exactly what the ‘Wünderful Stuff’ campaign sets out to do. It’s captures the of the Müller brand which is essentially all about the enjoyment and fun of a great-tasting product.”

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