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Greenpeace fights back at VW

On June 27 Greenpeace launched an attack on Europe's biggest car manufacturer, Volkswagon. 

Several months ago the car company debuted an advert featuring a pint-sized Darth Vader trying to use the force.

Greenpeace campaigner Emma Gibson said: "Volkswagen has spent millions on its new advert, using children and Star Wars iconography to persuade the public that it’s a responsible company.

"It was a stunningly successful advert, so VW can hardly complain if we now turn its own tactics back on the company to shine a light on its poor environmental record." 

Greenpeace have lashed out at the viral by bringing in Luke Skywalker and the rebel force contingent into their campaign, attacking VW's claim as an environmentally responsible company.

With brands such as Ikea and Google facing up to the earth's ecological problems, there is feeling that it's time for the Europe's biggest car company to do the same.

The campaign against Europe’s biggest car-maker includes outdoor and digital and was simultaneously launched in China, New Zealand and Canada as well as in eight European countries.

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