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Evian "Bring Back Baby" campaign

Client: Evian

Agency: BETC

Two years after the success of the roller babies advert Evian and BETC EURO RSCG have announced the birth of their new baby: a “Live young” campaign orchestrated around a completely unique, innovative and interactive package.

The stop-motion film, which debuted internationally April 19, is based on the simple principle of the flipbooks from our childhood. Men and women, wearing a T-shirt printed with babies in different poses, appear one by one to the beat of the music, creating the illusion that the babies are dancing.

The advert is designed to look like a music video and is accompanied by a version of “Wordy Rapping- hood” by Tom Tom Club, remixed by DJ Mehdi with Uffie. In tribute to the roller babies film, the TV version will be broadcast with a new  remix of “Rapper’s Delight.”

The film was produced by Legs from MILK Studios in New York. The people in the video were found through a street casting.  

To build on the film, an interactive music video will be released on the Web. This innovative application, accessible both online and for iPhone, will invite users into the Live young universe, where with just a few clicks they can become actors in the video and see “their own baby,” or their friends’ babies, dance to the music just like Michael Jackson or James Brown. There will also be opportunities to participate in the clip during major sporting events: Evian Masters, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open.

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