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EuroMillions "Welcome to Hector's World"

Client: Camelot

Agency: AMV BBDO

The National Lottery is introducing a brand new character to our screens this evening with the airing of the first advert in its EuroMillions campaign to support the launch of a new Tuesday draw day for the game. To celebrate the first-ever Tuesday EuroMillions draw on May 10, the jackpot on offer will be an amazing £85 million.

The 30-second ad broke on May 4 and features Hector Riva – a dashing, charming and carefree European millionaire who would like EuroMillions jackpot winners to join him in his whirlwind life of private jets, personal valets and lavish villas. A 40-second version of the ad also airs during Britain’s Got Talent on May7  – the day when tickets for the new Tuesday draw go on sale.

In the first of an initial series of four ads to hit our screens, Hector is seen waking up in an impossibly luxurious bedroom with a sweeping view over the ocean. The curtains are opened by his valet and Hector – sitting up in bed in his matching pyjamas and eye mask – sighs, saying: “Tuesday, the most boring day in the week.”

Hector’s voiceover continues as we’re shown how his ‘boring’ Tuesday unfolds. “Endless meetings” we hear him say as we see him kissing the hands of a series of beautiful women at an art gallery gathering. “Clock watching at four” the voiceover continues as we see him roll his eyes to camera before jumping off the back of a luxury yacht in scuba diving gear. “Commuting home at five” he says as he speeds away from the camera in a top-of-the-range speed boat. “So dull” says the voiceover as Hector raises his eyebrows in a knowing gesture of how cheeky he’s being.

Hector goes on to explain how, for those watching, Tuesdays might not be so dull anymore because “EuroMillions has decided to make Tuesday the most exciting day of the week”. The action freeze frames on a very excited-looking Hector and the words ‘New Tuesday draw, 10 May – £85 million’ appear on screen. It’s now night time and the ad finishes with the voiceover saying: “My name is Hector Riva. Welcome to my world”, as we see him dancing with yet more beautiful women by the side of a swimming pool.  

Richard Bateson, marketing director for Camelot, said, “Research shows us that our players love big EuroMillions jackpots and we see evidence of this with sales peaks for the game when there are huge prizes on offer. For the launch of the new Tuesday EuroMillions draw, we wanted to develop the idea of what people can aspire to with a EuroMillions jackpot win – and, in delivering jackpot and special event news to players, Hector embodies a type of lifestyle that many of us have only ever dream about.

“He’s glamorous, rich, suave and clearly lives life in the fast lane of the European jet-set. But we also see chinks in his well-presented exterior which make us realise that he’s actually just a normal guy who has a slightly extraordinary lifestyle – just as anyone could if you they were to win a fantastic EuroMillions jackpot. It’s about dreaming of the big one and giving yourself the chance to make it a reality – no matter what your own particular version of Hector’s life might be.”

The other ads in the series will show Hector explaining how being incredibly rich won’t change you – “your valet will”; relaying how someone once told him that, if you don’t have your “wealth”, you have nothing – only to be corrected that it’s actually “health”; and proclaiming that it’s not true that when you become very rich you leave your friends behind – because “that’s what private jets are for!”.

The adverts will all air regularly over the next month and are being supported by press and radio.

The changes to the EuroMillions game and introduction of the new Tuesday draw, in addition to the existing Friday draws, means that players will still pick five main numbers from 1 to 50, but will now pick two Lucky Stars from between 1 and 11. There will be a new lower prize tier, which means players will win around £2.70 for matching just two main numbers, and there are also expected to be more big rolling jackpots, as well as two guaranteed UK millionaires each week, instead of just one, in the UK-only Millionaire Raffle.

The campaign was created by AMV BBDO, with media handled by MPG and buying by OMD.

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