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Optimax ‘Tori Thompson's Video Diary’ advert

Optimax, the Laser Eye Surgery specialist, has created a first for the industry and based their new TV campaign around a typical patient's actual experience.

The new TV ad is built around the video diary of Tori Thompson, who had treatment with Optimax last July.

The 30 second ad shows the patient on the day before her surgery and on the appointment day itself. She is then shown 2 hours after her treatment.

The TV ad ends with the patient's verdict on life with good vision, recorded one month after the procedure; "This is how life should be," she comments.

The campaign is a dramatic departure for the laser provider, and creates a first for the health and beauty sector by showing a genuine patient's experience immediately after the surgery has been performed.

"It's sometimes assumed that there is a long recovery period after laser eye surgery. Our new TV campaign shows the reality; that most of our patients can return to their normal routine straight away, and are delighted by their new vision," said Optimax founder Russell Ambrose.

"Our ordinary patients are the best possible advert for our clinics, and we feel that viewers will be encouraged and reassured by this new approach"

The new commercial will be shown on satellite channels.

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