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Suncorp Bank ‘Chase’ advert

Agency:  Taxi Films

Client: Suncorp Bank

Director Bruce Hurwit - who is repped by Crossroads in the US and UK - just completed a comical spot for Australia's Suncorp Bank.

With production support provided by The Feds through Taxi Films, Hurwit created a spot that is equal parts action-movie parody, advertising success, and production spectacle.

‘Chase’ stars a classic slick-haired, winking action hero hurdling through a shipyard with all manner of helicopters, ninjas and roller blade-riding assassins hauling after him.

As he leaps into his car in classic Hollywood fashion, he finds that his voice activation system can't understand his commands.

As the mob closes in on him, a voiceover encourages viewers to call Suncorp Bank to talk to a real person rather than a machine, its point having been made by the vehicle's mistimed malfunction.

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