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LG Electronics ‘The Young and the Connected’ ident

Agency: RKCR/Y&R

Client: LG Electronics

RKCR/Y&R is launching a series of idents for LG Electronics on Channel 4 and E4 to showcase to 16-24 year olds how LG’s innovative range of smartphones can enhance their lives.

The films are purported to be made from the salvaged elements of an LG-funded US day-time soap opera ‘The Young and Connected’, which was to be based on the lives of a group of young and glamorous Californians.

A spoof press release is to be leaked on the internet at the time of launch that reads:

“In the spring of 2010 filming began on a brand new US network day-time soap opera: The Young and the Connected.

Partner-funded by LG Electronics, renowned for its market leading smart phones, ‘The Young and the Connected’ was trailed as being the first ever US day-time series to be based on the realities of how young people really live their lives today.

Storylines were to focus on the real source of drama behind the way young people lead their lives in our modern connected world: mobile social networking.

The series had all of the ingredients needed to be a ratings winner - beautiful people, drama, revenge and skimpy swimwear.

However, two days after filming began, without any reason being given, the network pulled the plug on the production, leaving only a fraction of the series footage in the can.

Following speedy media negotiations and considerable re-editing the footage then became the backbone of LG’s existing sponsorship deal with Channel 4 in the UK.”

One of the main objectives for the idents is to demonstrate LG’s understanding of its core audience and how technology enhances their social lives, either through connecting them with their social network or by using apps to make life easier.  

The campaign is also being used to tie in with the launch of its new handset Optimus GT540, which uses Android OS.  LG is now ready to take the wonder of apps to a mass audience.

Borrowing heavily from other West Coast US daytime soap operas LG were keen to stay true to the genre and not let reality get in the way of a great storyline.

The narrative arc for Season One contained balcony plunges, resurrections, plastic surgery, and revelations around forgotten siblings.
The idents can be seen on Channel 4 from July 8 2010 around popular programmes including The Inbetweeners, How I met your Mother, Scrubs, One Tree Hill, The Cleveland Show, Big Bang Theory and Beauty and the Geek.

For ‘fans’ of the show ‘The Young and the Connected’ YouTube channel ( will house unique extra content, such as the never-seen opening title sequence and a ten minute behind the scenes documentary featuring the show’s ‘never-were’ stars and their dashed hopes and dreams.

More information on the LG range of mobiles, including the new Secret Drama Facebook app can be seen at

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