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Editor’s Pick. (NIKE) RED ‘Lace Up’ advert

NIKE has launched a new short film featuring global football icon Didier Drogba that presents an aspirational glimpse into the future to a world free from the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  This powerful content piece calls on people to join the movement to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

The film is another extension of Nike’s partnership with (RED)™ to leverage the power of sport to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa through the Lace Up, Save Lives campaign.  This partnership means that when someone buys a pair of NIKE (PRODUCT)RED laces, Nike contributes one hundred percent of the profits to support programs that offer education and medication on the ground in Africa to fight against HIV / AIDS.

People can engage in the fight against AIDS in many ways including money donations, political action or engaging in a simple act like choosing (RED) products.  The (NIKE)RED film depicts the powerful ripple effect that could happen to help eliminate HIV / AIDS and transform the lives of generations to come.   

“The end of HIV/AIDS is not just a dream – it is within our reach if everyone takes action,” said Didier Drogba.

“The simple act of purchasing a pair of (RED) laces can help deliver the education and medication needed to help people remain HIV free or live with the virus. The film is a dramatic and impactful way to deliver a message of hope.”

The film begins in the future with a scene in a Johannesburg classroom. The day’s history lesson: The end of the AIDS pandemic.

The film moves through history in reverse to Johannesburg, 2010, where Drogba is giving a press conference following a triumphant performance. Drogba issues a call to action to purchase (NIKE)RED laces, which sets off a series of ripple effects around the world as people everywhere heed his call.

As people unite behind Drogba’s call, a series of vivid scenes depict the result: A young boy receives life-saving medication. Crowds line up to receive HIV tests. An HIV-positive mother gives birth to an HIV-negative child.
School children begin to learn about prevention of the disease. Infection rates begin to fall. The film’s final scene depicts news footage of the passing of the last survivor of AIDS.

The film’s ultimate message is one of hope, illustrating the power of collective action from millions of people around the world to change the course of history.

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