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Editor's Pick. EuroMillions ‘Paintball’ advert

Agency: AMV BBDO

Client: National Lottery

Camelot has launched a new EuroMillions campaign across TV, cinema, radio, online, press and in retail, which will run until August 2010.

The campaign features a group of friends taking part in a paintball contest on a remote tropical island, and is an evolution from the successful, long-running ‘EuroMillions pinball’ ads.

While still highlighting the amazing Jackpots that can be won on the game, the new campaign moves the narrative of EuroMilions on to sharing – specifically, how fantastic it would be to share a big EuroMillions win with others.

“With this new campaign we wanted to get our audience to imagine some of the fantastic things they could do with a EuroMillions jackpot win,” explained Camelot’s Marketing Director,  Richard Bateson

“Most people are well aware of the huge jackpots that EuroMillions can offer, so we felt it was time to move on from the more tactical jackpot-focused ads that have worked so well for us up to now.”

He added, “That is not to say the pinball and tactical jackpot ads will disappear altogether, as they are an important part of the communications mix, especially during rollover series when jackpot sizes start to get really exciting.  And in fact we’re developing new tactical ads as we speak to sit alongside the new paintball campaign as and when necessary.

“We wanted to capture the fun you could have with a EuroMillions win, where you could actually make your wildest dreams a reality.  Like holding a paintball contest with all your friends on a remote James Bond-esque island hideaway.

Bateson concluded, “It might not be everyone’s dream, but it opens up the imagination to what could be possible with a jackpot winning ticket on a Friday night, and how you could share the joy and fun of it all.”

The first ad in the campaign opens on three helicopters flying low over the ocean, heading towards a remote and exotic-looking tropical island, covered in lush, dense jungle.   

Below we can see jet skis powering across the waves headed in the same direction. Inside each helicopter we see people dressed in black secret agent style outfits, who then descend on wires into the jungle below.

As they move into the undergrowth, someone is suddenly hit in the chest with a blue paintball splatter. “Typical!” we hear him mutter through his helmet. The others around him quickly return fire and suddenly the camera finds itself in the middle of a frenzied, colourful paintball fight taking place in the jungle.

As more players get hit and they remove their headgear, we can see that everyone is laughing and having a great time. A title appears on screen over a slow-motion shot of the man responsible for all the fun: ‘There are Millionaires. Then there are EuroMillionaires.’

The TV ad will initially launch with a 40-second version, which will then be followed by a longer 60-second version for cinema screens. The radio, press, online and in store advertising and point of sale material will reflect the theme and messaging of the TV and cinema creative.
The campaign was created by AMV BBDO, with media handled by MPG and buying by OMD.

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