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Panasonic "Lumix G2" advert

Agency: Atletico International, Berlin

Client: Panasonic

Panasonic is launching a new ad for the new Panasonic Lumix G2, the world's first interchangeable lens system camera with Touch Screen Control.

Supporting the launch of the DMC-G2 across Europe, the ad highlights the LUMIX G2’s ability to capture outstanding images on the move by focusing on parkouring and freerunning.

Freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants use the city or rural landscape to perform athletic manoeuvres through its structures, while parkouring uses the movements of freerunning as a basis for getting from A to B the fastest.

Directed by Neveldine & Taylor, the directors behind the highly successful Crank movies, the ad was shot in Valencia, Spain and shows two world-class parkour traceurs, Brent Steffensen and Dan Mast doing a unique parkour challenge and creating exceptional images on the run while using the Lumix G2.

The ad included an innovative compact filming system to reflect the versatility and flexibility of the Lumix G2. This filming technique enables one of the parkour traceurs to flip off a wall over the other, holding not only the G2 to film his action but also a bespoke camera rig attached to the G2 for a composite shot.

The latest in Panasonic’s Lumix G Series portfolio, the DMC-G2 features a flexible free-angle LCD Screen with touch-screen operation and offers the outstanding image quality of an interchangeable lens camera without missing the ease of use and flexibility of a compact camera.

Merlin Wulf, general manager marketing at Panasonic Europe, said:“The parkouring theme is the perfect showcase for the unique possibilities of the Lumix G2 camera. To be a skillful parkour traceur you need versatility, flexibility and speed, which is exactly what this camera offers. The Lumix G2 allows you to react quickly to your surroundings and take stunning pictures on the go and parkouring is the ideal way to demonstrate this.”

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