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US Census ‘Silent Chant’ advert

Agency: GlobalHue

Client: US Census

In an amazing act of choreography, Rabbit directing team TWiN, via GlobalHue, finished a remarkable 30-second ad showing the power that communities gain from filling out the US Census.

‘Silent Chant’ opens with a lone woman crossing into a busy urban intersection and halting. She opens her mouth as if to speak to passersby, but no words emerge. Her befuddled neighbors stare in confusion and then begin to join the woman in the streets.

The movement starts slowly, but soon the community is moving en mass, pouring from buses, from parks, from surrounding buildings to join her and shout silently in the street.

The work beautifully captures this impulsive gathering with an ever-shifting mix of overhead panoramas, close-ups, action shots, and views of the intersection from various on-the-ground and overhead points.

From a window high overhead, a young man looks over the scene, paper and pen in hand. Inspired, he descends to street level and drops the paper - his US Census - into a mailbox.

The roars of the community suddenly and symbolically explode into hearing, portraying how the power of delivering the Census gives voice to their concerns.

"Schools," they chant in repeated unison, "community centers, best protection, hospitals!"
The spot closes on a dramatic overhead shot of the choked streets as the chants echo through the air.

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