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Editor’s Pick. Diet Coke ‘Maniac’ advert

Agency: Mother London

Client: Coca-Cola

Diet Coke is celebrating fun, fashion and fabulousness with a new campaign that encourages consumers to ‘Love It Light’ and celebrate the lighter side of life.

Set to liven up the TV ad breaks, the entertaining creative aims to give women an instant moment of pleasure and ‘pick me up’ using humour, music, fashion and the latest diet Coke stars – three marionettes.

Developed by Mother, the light-hearted 30 second sequence shines the spotlight on these three sassy girls who all embody the ‘Love It Light’ ethos.

Savvy, sophisticated and witty, the three best friends – Eleanor, Bernadette and Irene – always try to see the lighter side of life and come out smiling.

Working together at a fashion magazine, our feisty femmes are a breath of fresh air as they inject their own passion, style and spirit into their daily lives.
The campaign - kicking off in GB, with plans to extend to Europe, Australia and New Zealand - follows the trio at work and at play, taking a spontaneous and light-hearted attitude to whatever life throws at them and not taking things too seriously – just like a real life diet Coke girl.

In the TV ad we see our girls hard at work but just as the clock strikes 5.30pm, their boss drops a mountain of work onto Eleanor’s desk.

As Eleanor sighs, her trusted friends rally round and instantly know it’s a moment to lighten up and enjoy a diet Coke.  A coin flies into the vending machine which lights up like a jukebox and the opening strands of the iconic 80’s track ‘Maniac’ start up.

As the music filters around the office, Eleanor leaps up onto her desk to dance and is quickly joined by her girls.  As they jump from the desk the rest of the office join in with Eleanor leading the pack.

Her final kick touches the vending machine and a diet Coke can emerges. Eleanor grins at the camera and we finish with a diet Coke can appearing on strings alongside the strapline “If you love it light.”

The three girls will appear again in a series of ten second blipverts, showing from late April to further spread the ‘Love It Light’ attitude of embracing positive moments everyday. 

The creatives are just one part of the diet Coke plan for 2010 which taps into women’s passions for hot trends and fashion whilst knowing when to not take things too seriously.

As well as the striking TV, this campaign will talk to diet Coke girls everywhere - from Facebook to on-pack, outdoor advertising to radio, giving women instant moments of uplift during their day.
“The TVC execution perfectly represents what diet Coke stands for and talks to our drinkers in a light-hearted and uplifting way,” said Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, Cathryn Sleight.

“The aspirations, personalities and views of our three girls mirror those of the modern day diet Coke girl – we love them and hope our audience does too.”

She added, “Fashion, femininity and fun is at the centre of our brand and this is reflected in all 2010 activity – watch this space!”

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