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Ping Pong Let's Ping Pong' advert

Agency: Aqueduct

Client: Ping Pong

Integrated agency Aqueduct has created a campaign for dim sum restaurant chain Ping Pong to raise awareness and encourage young professionals to visit Ping Pong restaurants in the City of London.

The campaign is based around the theme of conversation, with the jocular message ‘Let’s Ping Pong’.

Traditionally, dim sum was about getting together and catching up – the food was secondary to the conversations and interaction.

The campaign endorses this traditional approach and promotes the social element of eating at Ping Pong restaurants in a way designed to appeal to wealthy, City-based urbanites aged between 22 and 40.

Press and London Underground ads, including digital screens, all follow the same colour scheme and format, with the restaurant’s drinks and dishes presented against a dark background below faded white writing in the Ping Pong font.

The first features a dim sum dish of plum and Mandarin spare ribs with the words: ‘She wants to Ping Pong about your future. Distract her.’ In the background is a light-blue silhouette of a house and picket fence, with a blue baby’s dummy and wedding bands scattered around the dish in the foreground.

The second shows a steamed vegetable bun dim sum dish with the words: ‘Bull market? Now we’re Ping Ponging.’ It is set against a backdrop of a blue city skyline – again in silhouette, with a champagne cork and a market indicator arrow in the foreground. The third displays a glass of beer alongside a cocktail with the words above reading: ‘Enough about you. Let’s Ping Pong about me’, again with a blue silhouette of a cityscape in the background and a blue magnet either side of the glasses.

“We wanted a campaign that communicated to our audience that we’re about more than just great food and drinks – visiting Ping Pong is a social experience. Aqueduct has produced an initiative that people will really remember Ping Pong by," said commercial director at Ping Pong, Tina English.

The campaign was launched with ads on London Underground digital screens and traditional posters. Ping Pong will distribute guides to Ping Ponging, loyalty card packs and Oyster card wallets from 21 January until the end of Marc 2010.

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