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IBM ‘My Cloud’ advert

Agency: Ogilvy, New York

Client: IBM

Original music and sound design company JSM just completed scores for a trio of IBM 30-second adverts that tout the many virtues of the computer maker's powerful machines helmed by Pytka via Ogilvy, NY.

President and Executive Producer, Joel Simon, led his team of top composers that created the diverse tracks, ensuring that each was exactly tuned to the distinct message that each spot delivered.

Each ad is part of IBM's ‘Let's Build a Smarter Planet’ campaign, and each follows a similar pattern - a multiethnic cast of varying ages and sexes rattles through the finer points of the computers' superior functions, the shot switching from one user to the next, each continuing the previous person's sentence or expanding upon their idea.

The affect aims to create the impression that IBM users are a unified force determined to make a smarter planet. In each case, JSM's score synchs beautifully with the live action without overwhelming the message or the onscreen images.

The bold, rapid strokes of composer John "Scrapper" Sneider's original score aims to reinforce the power of IBMs in ‘My Cloud’, which explores the computers' limitless functions, from e-mail and photo-sharing to more advanced capabilities like software development and predicting traffic patterns.

"We've have had the wonderful opportunity to work on IBM in the past, and have established a unique working relationship with Ogilvy while garnering a full understanding of their vision and expectations," noted Executive Producer, Joel Simon.

"The challenge here was to create three distinct scores to fit with IBM's dynamic range of products. With the guidance and musical supervision of Ogilvy's Karl Westman, our entire shop immersed ourselves in the project and are thrilled with the outcome."

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