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The Connection ‘Big Ask’ ambient campaign

Agency: LIDA

Client: The Connection

Relationship marketing specialist, LIDA, has created a new campaign to raise funds for homeless charity The Connection at St Martin’s-in-the-Fields in central London.

The campaign is themed ‘the Big Ask’. It illustrated the assistance provided to homeless people by the charity with an ambient marketing event that played on the familiar image of homeless people begging.

Actors posed as homeless people begging and sat outside The Connection at St Martin’s-in-the-Field centre, holding the traditional beggar’s placard.

Written on the placards was a list so long it would be considered an impossible ask, yet it’s exactly the support and services that The Connection at St Martin’s provides everyday: beds, showers, meals, and longer term solutions such as helping source long term housing, learning skills, confidence building, finding employment and entering education.

These events will be staged throughout August at rush hour as commuters are heading home. Flyers containing further information about the charity’s services and details of how to make donations are then handed out, encouraging people to call, email or visit the charity’s website.    

The location of the charity in Trafalgar Square is the main emphasis of the donation drive as it means it can provide help to people on its doorstep.

The Connection at St Martin’s-in-the-Fields outreach team goes out each morning and night to provide immediate help to homeless people of Westminster to spread awareness of the charity and explain where they are located.

The campaign builds on previous LIDA initiatives which have seen donations increase by 4.7%.

Geraldine Ellis, PR and Events officer at The Connection at St-Martin’s-in-the-Field, said, “Sleeping rough is a harsh existence. No one deserves it. We want to provide support and make a difference to homeless peoples’ lives for the better”.

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