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Kush Support ‘Rest for the breast’

While lying on her side, a womans body fights the forces of gravity, forcing one breast to rest on top of the other.

“Anatomically contoured to gently cushion and support the weight of her breasts, a Kush Support relieves the pressure that can cause discomfort and helps to ease restlessness.” Well, that’s the official line.

But this ad has come underfire from critics for both “looking and sounding dirty”.

“Kush Support certainly could have tried harder. For a guy, watching the infomercial is like biting into a York Peppermint Patty.  Still, a product like this could actually be helpful,” said advertising commentator, David Kiefaber.

“Even though it was invented to help women sleep better and/or prevent cleavage lines and wrinkles, it's good for pregnant women whose breasts have swelled, or for women who've just had them enlarged, because it separates them well enough to encourage proper spinal alignment.”

He added, “From an advertising standpoint, they should have focused more on that and less on the close-ups of the attractive models' cleavage, since the target audience is women for whom breasts are no longer thrilling.”

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