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Ford ‘Kinetic Design’ advert

Agency: Ogilvy Advertising

Client: Ford

Ford's award winning 'kinetic design' styling is the star of the company's new pan-European brand TV commercial.

Shot in a London studio, the commercial marks an evolution in Ford's advertising strategy, adding multi-model brand commercials to complement its traditional model-specific campaigns.

Five of Ford's key new models - the Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Kuga and S-MAX star in the new advert, which sets out to visualise the key philosophy of the company's award-winning kinetic design form language used across the range: that the latest Ford cars look like they're moving even when standing still.

The story portrays an urban car chase with a twist. Although the storyline appears to show the cars in motion, the vehicles never left the confines of the film studio as the vast majority of the action was filmed with static vehicles mounted on bespoke electro-hydraulic turntables.

Ford of Europes director of Marketing Communications, Maureen Graham, said, “Not only is this commercial a huge technical achievement for everyone involved, but it also marks a shift in Ford's advertising strategy.

“We’re not moving away from single model adverts; additionally we're planning campaigns which focus on key attributes of our brand as a whole.”

She added, “In this campaign, we want to emphasise that driving a new Ford car is now a more emotional experience thanks to the impact of 'kinetic design', which has become a recognised styling theme across our portfolio of new models.

”Ford kinetic design visualises the driving characteristics of our cars. This advert articulates that by making the cars look like they're moving even when theyre not. We're very pleased with the concept and with the end result."

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