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Cadbury's Creme Eggs release the goo in online game

Agency: CMW

Clinet: Cadbury Crème Egg

Despite Crème Eggs being available all year round, Cadbury has ramped up its advertising for the “gooey” treats in the lead up to Easter.
Agency CMW has created an online game called, ‘The Great Eggscape for Cadbury Creme Egg’ at

The central character is Sir Eggbert Shellby who is chief curator at the Museum of Eggs. Eggbert Shelby is a collector of rare eggs and for this reason Creme Eggs, which are only available  from January 1st until Easter, are a highly prized item.

The game illustrates the key tension between the Creme Eggs, which are driven to release their goo – it’s in their DNA – and Eggbert Shellby, who wants to preserve these rare ‘eggy’ exhibits at all costs.

CMW’s game is the perfect immersive experience for consumers to enjoy, allowing them to play a part in the gooey exploits that unfold in the Museum of Eggs.

The game is built on four levels, where players are tasked with setting the eggs free so they can fulfil their gooey destiny. However, with marauding security robots, deadly lasers and the professor watching carefully over the imprisoned eggs, players are in for a tough time to set them free and let them goo!

Meanwhile, last month CMW created a DM Pack for Cadbury’s Cream Egg in the hope that it will maximise the advertising created by brand advocates online.

This is a limited run campaign to announce that the eggs are back. Key brand advocates were sent the DM pack, which plays on the ‘handle with care’ delivery note. Instead the pack encourages reckless handling, which would enable early release of goo even before the receiver has opened it.

The campaign is humorous and in keeping with the Cream Egg’s mischievous behaviour that we see in the TV campaigns.

Inside there is a letter which thanks the receiver for the support in releasing the goo in the past, and also sends a three pack of eggs in order to encourage them to blog, or post campaigns online, either on Facebook, Bebo or other sites like MySpace or private blogging sites.

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