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Microsoft 'Everyone Has a Song Inside'

Here's something you wouldn't expect from software giant Microsoft (even after the disastrous Jerry Senfield ads).

This is the company's new promo video for its music application Songsmith.
Songsmith allows users to write and record their own music, by singing into the microphone of their PC (or is it a mac?).

Songsmith is also catering for musicians and people who know how to write music.

Microsoft state “Songwriters can use Songsmith as an intelligent scratchpad to work with new melodies, quickly turning your scratch recording of new ideas into richer, deeper explorations. Musicians can also play instruments right into Songsmith, instead of singing.”

The ad shows a variety of people making up their own 'jingles' and carries the strapline, "Everyone has a song inside."

Comments on YouTube including, "the final nail in the coffin for Microsoft," and "this can't be real," suggest the campaign is a joke.

But 350,000 views already prove this is as serious as Microsoft is going to get with this new program, which is to rival Apple's Garageband.

What do you think of this campaign? Write your review below and could you win a bottle of Champaign in our ‘Review of the Month’ competition.

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