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Slendertone ‘First Time’

Agency: Publicis

Client: Slendertone

Toning your stomach with a Slendertone System abs belt feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

To dramatise this and show the effect Slendertone has on your muscles, Publicis have created a viral featuring some unsuspecting first timers.

The idea was developed during the filming of the current TV commercial, discovering the funny reactions that different people had when they tried the Slendertone systems-abs product. The viral is all about capturing these genuine and unpredictable reactions that people have when trying the product for the very first time.

The viral follows the successful ‘Add Tone’ campaign produced by Publicis last year, which saw 45%, 170% and 256%, increases in retail sales in the first 3 weeks after airing on TV.

Stephen Holbrook, marketing director at Slendertone, said, “As we embark on our New Year TV campaign using the successful ‘Add Tone’ creative strategy it is vital that all support tools help drive visitors to our website and increase sales with all our partners.

“The ‘First time’ viral created by Publicis helps to bring to life the distinct muscle contraction that can be felt when using our products, and visually show that it works! We are very pleased with the outcome and are confident it will help drive results over and above the success achieved with the last campaign.”

Slendertone systems abs works on the stomach and uses clinically proven EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) toning technology, which sends a signal to your nerves to contract and relax the muscles.

The feeling can be a little strange at first, but as the intensity is increased, the sensation goes from a mild tingle, to a distinct muscle contraction, the same as that experienced with normal exercise. In fact, just 20 minutes a day with a Slendertone belt is the equivalent of 120 sit-ups.

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