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RSPCA 'Fed Up'

Agency: Simon Tofield

Client: RSPCA

Pet obesity is a serious problem which can lead to arthritis, diabetes and heart disease, but when a pooch looks at you with those puppy-dog eyes it can be difficult to resist giving your beloved a little treat.

But this year the RSPCA wants to highlight how easy it is to over-feed pets by giving them extra treats over the Christmas period.

The animal charity has teamed up with animator Simon Tofield, the man behind the hugely popular Simon’s Cats cartoons to produce a viral showing a family pet following his owner’s lead by over-eating during Christmas.

In the viral ‘Fed Up’ Simon’s Sister’s Dog is seen hiding under the dinner table, begging for titbits. Everyone gives him a treat, unaware that they’re all doing the same thing. The dog happily gobbles everything up, but then begins to feel unwell. In typical dog style Simon’s Sister’s Dog eats everything he’s given and doesn’t know when to stop.

TV and resident Pets Get Slim vet Joe Inglis said, “Most dogs are obsessed with food and will beg for treats whether they’re hungry or not - and many loving pet owners think they’re being kind when they give their animals extra treats.

“But leftovers from the table are a pet’s number one enemy. We tend to give the least healthy bits from our meals, such as fatty bits of meat, and these go straight from your plate onto your pet’s hips.”

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