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Toshiba 'Upscale'

Agency: Grey London

Client: Toshiba

Anyone who loved the Matrix for its special effects will appreciate this new £3m ad campaign from from Toshiba.

The world’s first ‘timesculpture’ advert on national television was shot using 200 cameras, the highest number of moving image cameras used in a single shoots.

Timesculpture is a progression of the ‘bullet time’ technique made famous by films such as The Matrix.

Instead of showing a 3-D rotation of a still moment, this groundbreaking new filming process manipulates moving snapshots of time.

The shoot was made possible via the construction of a purpose-built camera rig, weighing over half a tonne and housing 200 Toshiba Gigashot HD camcorders. Over 20 Terabytes – 20,000 Gigabytes – of video data was used, taking over 336 continuous hours to process.

The technique was embraced by Grey London to symbolise the step change of Toshiba’s new upscaling technology, which allows its new range of LCD TVs to ‘upscale’ standard-definition (SD) broadcast content - such as a Freeview TV signal or a DVD - to near high-definition (HD) quality.

Matt McDowell, Marketing Director at Toshiba says, “Leading innovation is a philosophy that drives all parts of Toshiba’s business. Our new advertising campaign is a natural extension of this belief, and we’re absolutely delighted with the results.”

Jon Williams, Chief Creative Officer at Grey London adds, “Toshiba's upscaling technology is breathtaking. Only a visual metaphor of the magnitude of Timesculpture could represent the step change you'll get from standard definition screens.

It’s a celebration of what Toshiba innovation can do for people, itself made possible by Toshiba technology.”

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