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The Large Hadron Rap

Scientists involved in the world first ‘Big Bang’ experiment have taken a break from attempting to discover the ‘God Particle’ to star in their own hit viral video.

The ‘Large Hadron Rap’ has become a favorite on YouTube, attracting almost 2 million views as science gets sexy.

The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments aim to recreate the first moments of the universe by spinning protons - one of the building blocks of matter – around a giant particle accelerator at just a fraction under the speed of light.

In the video features MC Hawking and includes the catchy chorus:

“LHCb sees where the antimatter’s gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions.
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind.
They’re looking for whatever new particles they can find.”

CERN Scientists throw shapes in the 27-kilometre long underground tunnel in this work that has become a hit with YouTube’s predominantly young user base.

It’s hoped the experiments may discover the ‘Higgs' boson’, nicknamed the ‘God Particle’, that physicists suspect provides the fundamental mechanism underlying mass.

The LHC could also produce the first evidence of extra spatial dimensions and even create mini-black holes that blink in out of existence in a fraction of a second.

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