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Editor’s Pick. Scottish Executive ‘See the Person, Not the Age

Agency: Newhaven

Client: Scottish Executive

The Scottish Government has launched this new campaign to encourage people to think past stereotypes based on age.

Role reversal is nothing new in advertising but seeking kids acting as elderly and vice-versa strikes the right chord in this new work.

‘See the person not the age’ is being spearheaded by national television supported by radio, online and press advertising.

It is being accompanied by a PR strategy and new interactive website at

Together, they will focus on people who do not conform to ‘age’ stereotypes and persuade target audiences to think twice before making assumptions based on age.

The campaign was developed following the publication of ‘All Our Futures: Planning for a Scotland with an Ageing Population’ (March 2007) and a period of research.

This helped the agencies involved in developing the campaign to fully understand the issues surrounding age.  

Lindsay Scott from Help the Aged said, “Help the Aged in Scotland fully supports this innovative campaign aimed at breaking down the barriers relating to age through improving communication, understanding and trust between the age groups.
“Our experience is that the gulf between the generations is an artificial one, that’s why we ask everyone to think twice before stereotyping others on the basis of age. “

She added, “We would like to see a country in which both old and young stop accentuating their differences and learn to appreciate that there is a commonality about many of the issues faced by both groups.”

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