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Amnesty International 'Torchure'

Agency: Sweetworld TV

Client: Amnesty International

Amnesty International has launched a major pre-Olympics viral campaign aimed at highlighting ongoing human rights abuses in China.

It uses of a series of characters and animations designed by Sweetworld TV, which are loosely inspired by the style of the five Olympic ‘Fuwa’, which form a crucial part of Beijing Olympic marketing, and other ‘Kawaii’ designs.

Altogether four 40-second films have been made, each highlighting a different human rights issue.

In ‘Torchure’, one of the characters is beaten with an electro-shock baton by Chinese security forces for protesting about human rights. The baton is then handed to another character, which uses it to light the Olympic flame at Beijing’s Olympic stadium.

In a separate animation a pole-vaulter jumps holding a placard demanding human rights for China, before landing in a police van and being driven away.

Specific issues covered by the campaign include the right to peaceful protest, fair trial and prevention of torture, protection for those who campaign on human rights, and freedom of expression and information.

Steve Ballinger of Amnesty International said,  “It’s not always easy getting people to engage with tough issues like torture and the right to free speech. What these films do is approach it in a lighter, more playful way, while still packing a punch at the end.

“I really think that ‘Torchure’ and the other animations will help persuade people to think about what’s happening in China, and realise that they can do something about it.”

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