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'Terminal 5 Song' viral video

This viral video has been created following the Terminal 5 fiasco which has inconvenienced thousands of travellers.

Penned by Tim Soong and Andy Baynes the video is fast becoming a favourite with web users.

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The sound quality's not the best so we've included the lyrics below so you can sing along.

its the biggest terminal we've ever seen,
its a bigger disaster you all know what I mean,
it's so nice to look at,
there's plenty of glass,
But you can shove this 5th terminal right up your (ass)

The news ain't good, Im stuck in a queue,
after 15 hours it still hasn't moved,
the lost all my bags, they lost my wife too,
eh not that she's a bag, thats not what I meant

Before the queue I was stuck in a lift,
we jumped up and down but it just wouldn't shift,
there were 23 others stuck in there with me,
and one particular fella got rather friendly.

I asked an official "hey what's going on",
but she didn't seem to know exactly whats wrong,
something about robots and a luggage machine
and did I know this building was opened by the Queen
"ah thats very interesting"

But I should be on holiday in Italy,
Vespas, Ciao and fettuccine,
I'm surrounded by airport insanity,
cause i'm stuck 15 hours in terminal, not 3

I went down to get my bags,
but i'm France and my bags are still in,
Terminal 5, Terminal 5, Terminal 12345

Verse 2:
Oh now things are moving what a flippin delight,
I think some people might actually get on a flight,
now they're sending people without their cases,
hows about that for a slap in the faces.

And one poor chap has to fly with no pills,
he's really upset cause he says that he's ill,
well come on man, I know you could die,
but at least they seem to be letting you fly,

As for me, its beyond a joke,
I'm still in this queue with all these other folk,
and our flight information has been cancelled once more,
remind me what I paid money for?

I went down to get my bags,
but i'm in Greece and my bags are still in,
Terminal 5, Terminal 5, Terminal 12345

I went down to get my bags,
but i'm in Spain and my bags are still in,
Terminal 5, Terminal 5, Terminal 12345

I went down to get my bags,
but i'm in The Peoples Republic of China and they're not there,
Terminal 5, Terminal 5, Terminal 12345

Terminal 5 and all the ladies sing
Im feeling terminal (I hear ya ladies)
loosing my will to stay alive,
im feeling terminally sick,
terminally ill in terminal 5.

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