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Coca-Cola ad is the UK’s all-time Christmas favourite

Coca-Cola ad is the UK’s all-time Christmas favourite

Coca-Cola’s cult classic ‘Holidays Are Coming’ has been voted the UK’s most festive commercial of all time.

Exclusive research commissioned by polled over 1,000 people and the ad came tops with over one fifth of the votes.

The ad, which features a train of red Coca-Cola lorries bedecked in fairy lights, has proved so popular that it has even prompted a Facebook group called 'You know it's Christmas when the Coca Cola ad is on TV'.

In second place is Irn Bru whose latest offering has shot to second place, taking an impressive 17% of all votes. A twist on children’s favourite ‘The Snowman’, the advert has delighted Scottish audiences, and after building a following on YouTube can now be seen UK wide this Christmas.

Rounding off the top three is another modern day epic from high street giants Marks and Spencer. Their 2006 ‘Ice Hotel’ mini-movie, set in a winter wonderland and featuring diva Shirley Bassey, has scooped 13% of the vote.

Andrex’s classic from 1996 makes an appearance at number four. The brand’s trademark Labrador puppy and festive goose set to Slade’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas” came in fourth place with 10% of all votes.

And whilst the Spice Girls may be enjoying a revival of their pop careers they will also be pleased to see their Tesco debut has earned them a place in the top ten.

The girls’ tongue-in-cheek performances on this year’s commercials have scooped 2% of the vote sitting them at number nine.

Top Ten Christmas Advertisments of all time

1. Coca Cola ‘Holidays Are Coming’ (1996)                         22%
2. Irn Bru ‘Snowman’ (2006)                                              17%
3. Marks and Spencer ‘Ice Hotel’ (2006)                              13%
4. Andrex ‘Christmas Goose’ (1996                                     10%
5. Guinness ‘White Christmas’ (1996)                                   8%    
6. Ferrero Rocher ‘Ambassador’s Reception’                          7%
7. Mastercard ‘Keeping Your Promises…Priceless’ (1999)       5%    
8. Quality Street ‘Magic Moments’ (1989)                               3%
9. Tesco ‘Spice Girls’ (2007)                                                 2%
10. Other                                                                           13%


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