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Fashion brands on Facebook are not reaching their full potential

Fashion brands on Facebook are not reaching their full potential

A study conducted by Facebook and comScore has found that apparel brands in Europe can do much more to connect with potential customers via the social network.

The report stated that during the month of May 2012, 266.4 million people accessed Facebook.  During the same time period 121.1million people visited apparel sites. The figure accessing both came to 98.1million.

In other words, 40% of the Facebook population are accessing fashion sites; a statistic that calls for more ways to engage with this untapped demographic.

Furthermore, the report highlights the importance of a “network effect” occurring, which sees popularity and awareness expanding rapidly through the annals of Facebook, often by the visibility of seeing someone “like” a brand.

"If the posted information appeals to their friends ... and they subsequently like the post it can cause a chain reaction of communication," the report stated. "This cascade of information means that brands can not only speak to their most loyal fans but also engage with their wider social network."

To demonstrate this, the study cited ASOS, the solely online fashion brand. In the UK ASOS counts 636,000 Facebook users as its fans. Collectively, this amount of people has in total 28.5 million Facebook friends, or potentially reachable consumers.

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