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Old Spice ad campaign lifts sales by 107 per cent

Old Spice ad campaign lifts sales by 107 per cent

There’s no doubting the greatness of the creative for Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’.

The work from Wieden + Kennedy picked up a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions and has gone viral being viewed millions of times.

A clever social media campaign which saw the lead character interacting in real time on social media also grabbed the headlines and created talkability.

In fact consumers have bought into the campaign to such a degree as to prompt a raft of parody user-generated adverts.

But has it worked in delivering the ultimate goal - converting consumer engagement into sales?

Well, the numbers are in and the answer is a resounding Yes. Smelling like a man appears to be the sweet smell of success.

AdWeek reports that, “According to Nielsen data provided by Old Spice, overall sales for Old Spice body-wash products are up 11 percent in the last 12 months; up 27 percent in the last six months; up 55 percent in the last three months; and in the last month, with two new TV spots and the online response videos, up a whopping 107 percent."

The publication add, "It's hard to determine how much of (the sales increase) was due to an aggressive couponing campaign which was in market simultaneously, but directionally, there does appear to be a correlation between creative resonance, social momentum and sales."

That’s what we’d call a result.


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