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Skoda Fabia 'Baking of' ad

Agency: Fallon

Client: Skoda

What does it take to make a car cake? A team of 12 expert bakers and a mountain of ingredients, oh, and four days.

How do we know this? Well, Skoda have created a car completely our of cake. The ad completely stands out from the competiton by not highlighting performance.

Instead it appeals to our sweet tooth with a strapline reading, “full of lovely stuff”.

The aim was to demonstrate the new Skoda Fabia is a car that has more standard specifications than many other cars in the same category.

Fallon saw Cake as the ideal way to highlight this by showing that even though something may be small it can still be packed full of features.

From the wheels and wings mirrors right down to a detailed version of the engine and the seats inside, all of the car’s parts have been made entirely out of cake.

To build the car the team used a mixture of sponge and raisin cake bricks to build the chassis, marzipan and icing sugar was used for the paint work and sticks of rock were used to hold the wing mirrors in place.





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