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How to display good manners at a job interview

How to display good manners at a job interview

What a new job? Well, mind your manners in that interview.

Over a quarter of all employers have witnessed examples of bad manners during interviews.

The finding comes from snapshot survey by events, marketing and office support recruiter Regan and Dean.

Managing Director of Regan and Dean, Narelle Lester, says, “As recruiters, we obviously interview many candidates ourselves – and have witnessed various lapses of office etiquette.

“Take, for example, the candidate who chewed gum all the way through her interview or the candidate who turned up at a client interview and immediately walked out saying that she wouldn’t be staying as she had bad karma about the aura of the establishment.”

Candidates who don’t apologies for being late are also a no – no, says Lester, as are candidates who assume they can dress down for an interview without checking on the culture of the company.

And there are many more examples– candidates who have eaten during interviews, answered calls on their mobile, used bad language, looked bored throughout their interview, asked the interviewer “why should I work here?” The list goes on and on.

Lester adds, “At the end of the day, good manners really do matter – and could make the difference between gaining the respect of superiors and peers – or being looked upon with disdain.

“If you do make a slip up – being late, forgetting to turn off your phone in a meeting, interrupting someone etc – then how you deal with it – and how you apologise - will make all the difference to how you, as a person and employee, are perceived.”

She concludes, “Phone calls and e-mails should be responded to within 24 hours and business e-mails should be written as a business letter- beware of over familiarity, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Good manners are empowering and all employers know that while civility will get you a long way – bad manners are also very bad for business!”

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