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How to use premium Inserts in Food Products

How to use premium Inserts in Food Products

1. Promoter Specification
· width / length
· thickness
· weight
· additional test procedures
· packing specification

2. Materials
· all materials to conform with European Toy Safety Standards Part 3 - these will include inks, glue, varnish, plastic, board
· laboratory certification required
· nb. recycled material can be used but be aware of potential contamination

3. Laboratory Testing
· must pass European Toy Safety Standards Parts 1 and 2, which include test for small parts / sharp edges
· if small parts present, insert and outer packaging must carry safety age grade warning
· promoter may specify additional tests

4. CE Marking
· when written certificate from laboratory obtained print CE mark on premium or flow wrap
· N.B. you must use correct formal CE to be at least 5mm high and accompanied by safety warning if applicable and promoter's or supplier's address

5. Production Facilities
· premises and factories including storage facilities and transport to conform to food company Good Manufacturing Practice standards
· no food, drink, smoking. jewellery or nail varnish
· hairnets / overalls to be worn
· lights covered
· no open windows / doors
· cleaning programme
· glass breakage policy
· facilities to be regularly audited
· full pest control programme
· haccp programme (hazard analysis)

6. Promoter Testing
· Drop Tests  (A trial carried out by the promoter to test the inserting of the premium into the produce carton / pack)
· Sensory Tests (A trial carried out by the promoter to ensure there is no odour contamination from the premium.)
· supply European Toy Safety Standards certification
· items tested must be identical to finished product

7. Production
· quality check incoming materials
· regular recorded quality checks at each stage of production
· full traceability procedure - A system whereby any finished and delivered premium can be traced back through each stage of production to the incoming raw materials. This is normally done using FIFO (first in, first out) system
· food standard - Good Manufacturing Practice
· metal detection
· odour ventilation / extraction
· monitor and control temperature / humidity conditions

8. Flow Wrapping
· final quality checks
· odour barrier film
· regularly check size
· integrity of seal
· joins of bandolier - flow-wrap in a continuous strip.
· metal detection

9. Bulk Packaging of Inserts
· line carton with polybag
· flaps must butt together not overlap
· seal carton with tape
· no staples
· correct promoter labelling with traceable identification
· weight restrictions for cartons

10. Pallets
· free from damage
· cartons must not overlap edge
· secure with stretch wrap
· metal straps to be avoided if possible

11. Delivery
· vehicle hygiene inspection

12. Promoting Pack
· this should clearly state that a premium is inside and any safety warning, if applicable should appear in bold type so as to be clearly visible to the consumer before purchase



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