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Netstore email marketing campaign

Netstore email marketing campaign

This campaign resulted in Netstore being nominated as inaugural winner of the 2007 Microsoft Partner Marketing Awards

Key Challenges

Netstore wanted to deliver a marketing campaign that intelligently targeted its NHS customers and prospects

Key Business Solutions

- Data selection & profiling
- External data purchase
- Email build and distribution
- Landing page and microsite hosting
- Reporting

Key Business Benefits

- Netstore’s campaign won the 2007 Microsoft Partner Marketing Awards
- Campaign generated 31 very highly qualified sales appointments
- Enabled Netstore to intelligently build new relations with customers and prospects

The Customer

Netstore leads the field in mid-market IT Managed Services and IT Security where they have been helping clients change their performance for 10 years. Netstore do more than just supply a service, they form strategic alliances with their clients and deliver best in class service that enables them to out perform their competitors.

The Challenge

Netstore has a successful history of helping trusts integrate local clinical and administration systems using Microsoft BizTalk and Microsoft SQL Server. Netstore wanted to implement a new relationship-based marketing campaign for their NHS-focused integration solution. Their goal was to secure business with a maximum of ten new trust organisations.

Netstore wanted the key campaign message to focus on the need to connect local systems and how they could solve the pain-point - these individual connections are expensive and time-consuming to deliver locally.

Netstore turned to marketing operations company, CRM, to assist them in delivering the campaign.  Being an existing business partner, Netstore knew CRM possessed the proven data and profiling expertise to make the campaign a success. 

The Solution

CRM recommended initiating an email driven campaign as this approach is relatively cost-effective, very targeted, the call to action is easy for the recipient and results are easy to track.

CRM’s first challenge was to carry out the target data selection and profile characteristics. It was then established that the campaign would focus on 5 000 contacts, ranging from cold suspects, prospects, profiled prospects and customers. Within these groups, the target audience consisted of IT management, clinical managers and administration managers of UK NHS trusts who had local IT system responsibilities.

CRM designed the email to ensure that each one was personalised where possible – including subject line personalisation and there were links back to the previous email actions. The emails were very direct, with a strong message and an easy and compelling call to action. Each one had a consistent and professional look and feel.

A six-stage campaign process was formulated, five of which were led by email broadcasts and a telephone call. This included the following process: 
- The first email introduced the connectivity issues and invited recipients to download a relevant white paper

- The second invited them to participate in an online survey to provide primary research on the subject

- The third invited them to download a more sales-oriented information sheet

- The fourth invited them to download a case study

- The fifth invited them to download the written results of the online survey

CRM ensured that all actions were tracked, from click-through to download and how many times a single contact interacted with more than one phase of the campaign.
This measurement revealed an average open rate of 30% across campaign and an average click thru rate of 30% across campaign.  Based on the level of interaction, leads were scored and ranked. The rated list was then passed to a telemarketing team who qualified 25 per cent of the leads into sales appointments.

Alan Edwards, Netstore Marketing Director, added, “When it came to making the telephone calls the telemarketing team reached many more people than usual and achieved a higher response. Generating awareness through the emails led to more prospects taking calls.”

Sales were provided with a prepared presentation and a formatted template to capture the contacts' specific business issues from their first meetings.

CRM ensured that everything Netstore did through the campaign was backed up on the website. CRM developed and hosted a dedicated microsite that clearly spelled out the Netstore value proposition and held a white paper, case study and relevant NHS survey results. CRM enabled Netstore to be accurately measure the results of the campaign and the behaviour of the prospects and to act appropriately. They knew who opened the emails and who responded to them.

The Benefits

The campaign resulted in Netstore being nominated as inaugural winner of the 2007 Microsoft Partner Marketing Awards as it demonstrated vision, a clear focus and a particularly impressive execution strategy in their connecting for care campaign targeting NHS trusts.

“CRM gave us the capability to deliver an award-winning email campaign that  enabled us to intelligently target our customers and prospects,” commented Edwards.

The campaign generated 31 very highly qualified sales appointments. To date, seven trusts have been converted into deals and there are another 24 similar high-quality trust opportunities in the pipeline. And with a total campaign cost of £12,500 the return on investment has already proved to be significant.

Edwards concluded, "CRM helped us take an extensive, relationship and behavioural-based marketing approach. We feel that this particular approach, while extensive in planning and execution, pays far higher dividends and puts marketing at the heart of building relationships with prospects that can be passed to sales rather then generating low-level leads with no relationship building in place prior to sales involvement."

Looking Ahead

The campaign has proved successful in that it has provided Netstore with a great pipeline that they are confident of closing. It's also given them greater visibility in the market and extra insight into the sector through the survey results, providing opportunities for PR, marketing collateral or briefings, all of which will help to strengthen their next campaign.

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