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How to get a new marketing job this New Year

How to get a new marketing job this New Year

January can be the most depressing month of the year. It’s as dark and cold as December without the prospect of Christmas to look forward to and Spring a long way off.

Being unhappy in your marketing job may have been weighing on you for a while and with the New Year comes the impetus to getting that new job.

Head of HR and Recruitment, Computeach, MaryAnne Clayton, told us, “Everyone has a bad work week now and again, and the New Year is a common time for people to start questioning all elements of their lives, but if a job is unfulfilling or not challenging enough it’s inevitable that people will start to lose interest."

She added, “Good team leaders or managers should be able to recognise changing behaviour in their staff but if they don’t it’s crucial that staff flag the problem up, schedule a meeting and discuss what can be done.”

Leading career transition coach, John Lees said that too many people change jobs for the wrong reasons every January.

He added, “Work out what you can actually do to adjust the job you are in, and while you are doing that undertake a detailed audit of your skills, knowledge and experience, paying particular attention to what you've achieved in the last 12 months."

Stephen Seymour of HR, training and recruitment consultancy The Urquhart Partnership agreed and said that employees need not necessarily look outside their company for a new role.

He said, “Think about what you want to change for the New Year. Do you want a new role in a new company or just a different role or a new challenge within your existing firm?

“2008 doesn’t need to be the year you take a sideways step to a different company or even industry. There are often plenty of opportunities to be found within your existing workplace.”

Perhaps most importantly, Stephen said that marketers should make it their resolution to put their career first and welcome the opportunity to develop their skills and contacts for the future, whether it be in on a new career path or by broadening their horizons in your existing position.

If you have decided to look for a job outside your current employer news is good.

According to Laurence Kirk from Manpower, the current job scene is looking positive and there is plenty of opportunity available. He added that the New Year provided a great opportunity for people to start afresh and find a job both challenging and interesting.

In searching for that new job however, there are a number of practical steps to take.

1. Get some realistic expectations

If a person is serious about wanting to find a new job, or even change career completely, then they need to have realistic expectations.

“People in this situation should be practical and ask themselves what transferable skills they have to offer and start saving in case they need a buffer zone between jobs, “ said MaryAnne.

Laurence Kirk agreed, adding, “Certain professions are dependent upon a minimum standard of education, skills and experience.

“Think about the skills and experience you’ve acquired so far. Are they transferable to your chosen career? If they are not, would you consider enrolling on a course to gain a qualification, or taking holiday to undergo a period of work experience?”

2. Get reading

Rebecca Peake from Euro London Appointments, said, “Get yourself fully up to speed with what’s happening in your industry.  Knowing what the big issues are will stand you in good stead for interviews and portray you as a ‘rounded’ professional.”

A good place to start is here on UTalkMarketing with indepth news from across the marketing industry and case studies from some of the biggest brands and players.

3. Get focused

Laurence Kirk said that if you don’t have a specific job or career in mind, you should think about what you have liked and disliked throughout your working life and see if these point you towards a particular field.

He added, “Also identify the factors that will influence the type of job you want to do. These may include salary, opportunities for growth and development, status, contact with people or the qualities that are important to you in a boss.

“For example, if you enjoy talking to people, you may want to consider a job in customer services or sales. If you like working with computers, you may want to consider a job in IT.”

John Lees added, “Interrogate new opportunities thoroughly - their power to attract you should be stronger that whatever is pushing you away from your present job.”

4. Get your C.V. in order

This is your first means of introduction to make an impression and your possible ticket to success so it needs to be good.

Make sure its up to dare and it tailored to your potential employer, talk up your achievements, keep it concise and watch out for spelling mistakes.

“Be sure to include any new achievements, qualifications or skills including any new languages and overseas experience, added Rebecca. “In today’s global marketplace, language skills are more sought after than ever before.

4. Get your interview skills up to speed

Don’t wait to be called to interview before deciding to brush up on your interview skills. Be prepared in advance and – research, research, research!

Try to think ahead about what questions will arise as a result of what you’ve revealed on your CV and be prepared to talk about all subjects in depth.

5. Get on the ball ASAP!

January can be one of the busiest times of the year for recruitment as no shortage of marketers look for a change in career. With so many candidates on the market the best advice is tot act sooner than later to get ahead of the competition.

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