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How media will shape your brand in 2008

How media will shape your brand in 2008

What a year was 2007 for media. It saw a digital explosion in the landscape while ITV1 suffered a downturn in revenue and print readers increasingly by and large left both newspapers and magazines on the shelves.

With a shift in consumer’s media habits marketers are having to evolve their strategies to avoid being left behind.

We asked the UTalkMarketing Editorial Board what reasons there were to be cheerful in 2008 and what excited them most about the media landscape.

Here’s what Paul Mead, Managing Director of VCCP Search; Christy Stewart-Smith, Consultant to AMV BBDO; and Toby Roberts, Head of Strategy, OMD UK, had to say.

Paul: What’s interesting for me is how digital is bringing some of the other offline disciplines together. Digital as a channel touches on every aspect of marketing strategy and because it does that it is forcing a lot more advertisers and brands to be more integrated.

You know your TV and ATL will drive search and when consumers do that you need to have your digital offering in place. So reputation management, search and PR all need to come together. That fusion in all those different areas is what I find most interesting.

Christy: It seems to me that whenever a major recessionary trend looms round the corner, the marketing services industry, of which advertising plays a major part, is getting better and better at explaining to people what their real value is.

If you look back over the past two or three recessionary periods, in the first one everyone cuts all activity, then in the second one most people cut most activity. Now we’re getting to a period where some people realise the benefits of continuing to invest in advertising and marketing when things are tough.

Toby: There’s a re-weighting in what we do as a media agency. All media is going digital, and what I mean by that is all media will be delivered by the internet eventually. This fundamentally changes our job which is about front-end creation. So, from getting stuff done and out and hoping for the best, we’re now looking at how people are reacting to it in real time.

The way media is executed is going to change fundamentally. Presently our job ends once the creative has been done and the TV has been booked. This is going to change when you’ve got data on how people are actually reacting.

Paul: A lot of things that are quite useful to marketers are not that difficult to get.  What are people saying about a brand? How has that changed over the past week? How many people is a new product reaching? Bringing it all together and finding out what does this all mean takes more time and effort but I’m surprised at the number of people not looking at this.

Christy: The difficulty is a lot of the new things that are coming out of that kind of information, have implications that none of the traditional marketing structures can deal with.

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