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Dominos Pizza - Understanding your customer

Dominos Pizza - Understanding your customer

Robin Auld, Brand Controller at Dominos Pizza outlines the ways in which Dominos have fully embraced the customer mindset in providing a fast, efficient and popular service:

"Arguably the biggest single factor in the success of a website is to truly understand exactly who your customers are and what it is they want or need. A website should be intuitive to use, based on the expectations and requirements of the user.

A clear understanding of customer mindsets allows a site to deliver exactly what is required, to meet expectations and to deliver time and time again.

Offline the Domino’s brand is unsurprisingly synonymous with pizza, to be more precise great tasting, fresh piping hot pizza delivered in about 30 minutes. Consistent delivery time and time again is the very hallmark of the Domino’s brand.

At Domino’s we also understand that when our customers contact us it is usually because they are hungry – in short they want feeding, quickly, with great tasting food.

Testing the Domino’s proposition on-line wasn’t rocket science. Again we understood that over 99% of our customers are contacting us because they are hungry, and wish to purchase and consume great tasting pizza.

Once the site launched to help confirm our initial research we employed ‘hitwise’ stats which helped us identify where our customers were coming from and going to when they left the site. This again confirmed our earlier research.

Domino’s customers are clear, they would like to order their food, and move on in their own time. At dominos we deliberately avoided any flash, ‘killer applications or anything that would slow the process down even for an instant.

It would have been self indulgent to create a site with amazing features which look cool but which get in the way of our customers and their food. We even removed the mandatory registration process…we invite customers to register with us if they would like to – but only if they wish to.

We are proud of the visual presence of the site, it epitomises the key benefits of the brand, quality, freshness, reliability, consistency and trust.

A key feature of the site is that it allows customers to get exactly what they wish from the site and the ordering process. If they know exactly what they like they can log in bring up their last order, confirm their details and exit in well under 45 seconds.

We have other customers who like to take their time and spend in excess of 10 minutes, changing their minds and altering the order without having to log back in every time.

Truthfully we spend much more time thinking about our pizzas than our customers do, so we have tried to build our web site from their perspective.

It looks fantastic, is very straight forward to use, is designed to be used intuitively and to deliver exactly what the customer requires with minimum fuss.

The results speak for themselves, the website at the moment is growing at a rate in excess of +80% per annum.

We are proud to be attracting new customers, but even prouder of the repeat purchase rate and on-line brand loyalty that our customers are demonstrating."

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