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Advertising with Telephony 2.0

Advertising with Telephony 2.0

Ad:tech, New York, NYC – (Marketwire – November 8, 2007) – JAJAH, the world’s most innovative phone company, today revealed an extension to its business model that is likely to effect the advertising business on a global scale. JAJAH’s patent pending in-call advertising platform turns the inventory of the world’s telephone calls into an advertising market place.
“We spend more time on the phone than consuming all other types of media, TV, reading papers and radio included. However, advertisers spend very little budget advertising on telephone calls – phones haven’t been considered as a viable channel yet. We are going to change that.” says Roman Scharf, JAJAH’s co-founder.

“In tests over the past months we have identified a method to overlay advertising content on phone calls in a way that users find acceptable. We turned it into an open platform so that everyone can benefit. Consumers get a better deal and telecommunications companies monetize their inventory.”

How does in-call advertising work? JAJAH has developed a non-intrusive approach. Whereas in-call advertising would normally interrupt a call and disturb the caller, JAJAH simply overlays the messages above the ring tone right before the call starts. Businesses get guaranteed caller attention, whilst at the same time not alienating the consumer with intrusive messages that break the rhythm of a telephone call.

“Google paved the way around a decade ago with Google AdWords. Their approach was revolutionary, as they respected the users’ common sense and reactions. We are now trying to do the same for the massive amount of phone call inventory. Think AdWords for the phone.” says JAJAH co-founder Daniel Mattes.
JAJAH in-call advertising will be made available to JAJAH users shortly. It’s an opt-in solution where users hear and see very targeted advertising content and receive monthly credit. Users can effectively earn back their entire phone bill, or even make money while talking to their friends and family.

“In a next step we will increase the reach of JAJAH in-call advertising by allowing telecommunications partners to use our platform to monetize their inventory as well”, says Trevor Healy, JAJAH’s CEO.

“Operators will have the opportunity to install our advertising appliance in their environments and connect to the platform. We will turn call wait time into value add, and the end user and partner will both see a return.”
With JAJAH’s new in-call advertising, businesses of any kind can target their audience on any given scale. Small, local companies can play their messages to the local JAJAH users.

“If you own a furniture store that you want to introduce to your local community, your messages will be played to your prospective customers next door – not someone a thousand miles away.” explains JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf.

In a separate press release today JAJAH announced a strategic partnership with Oridian – Online Media Solutions, Ltd., the largest privately-owned advertising network. By partnering with Oridian, JAJAH gets immediate access to a large number of companies to introduce and jump-start the new service.

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