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How to best market online

How to best market online

Here are 10 online marketing tips, add yours below. 

Digital marketing is complicated. But getting started doesn’t have to be. Six years of trial and error in developing digital marketing strategies have brought us to the conclusion that there are some very simple measures you can take to successfully market your brand online.

You may have done some, but have you covered them all?

1. Optimise the search engine performance of your website. If you have lots of content on your website, you need to structure your pages in such as way that googles crawlers give it the credit it deserves. 70% of traffic goes to he unpaid section of search results.

2. Enforce your trademark on google and other search companies. They are obliged to stop your competitors bidding on your trademarked term, as long as it is not used commonly. This will prevent your rivals stealing traffic from people who were trying to find your brand. Google don’t like it, but they’re making plenty of money.

3. Have a CRM strategy and build a database of users to communicate with them. At a minimum, communicating via newsletter is a great way to remind users about you and keep you top of mind.

4. Manage ROI, not traffic. The beauty of online marketing is the accountability to marketers compared to activities like TV spend. Track the traffic by all means, but more importantly track the orders that come into your business, their value, their costs and what profit you made. If it’s profitable, do more. If it’s not, stop.

5. Optimise your online creative constantly. This applies both to banner display ads and google adword copy. Experiment with several versions of an ad and measure them daily. If a creative isn’t converting as well as another, drop it. Be ruthless, the difference between one good ad and one bad one can be as much as 2000% in effectiveness.

6. Check out your competitors paid search marketing strategy by googling a few key words. If they’re spending on PPC, it’s unlikely to be for fun. We were surprised last month to find the Sun newspaper advertising on google.

7. If you decide to have a paid search campaign, set your account up right at the start. Think about the sets of key words that you can analyse in groups. If it is a success and you end up expanding your account, it will be pretty difficult to analyse 500,000 key words individually.

8. If you decide to go down an affiliate route, set some firm ground rules with them: a. Don’t let them bid on your best PPC terms and steal your traffic. b. Get as short a cookie length as possible, so you don’t end up paying for sales you would have got anyhow.

9. Don’t use an agency unless you know you have to. Be particularly suspicious of the digital arms of advertising agencies: a large proportion of work is often outsourced to agencies lower on the food chain, with the agency taking a fat commission in the middle. The most basic parts of an online marketing strategy can be put in place in a few hours yourself.

10. Don’t bury your head in the sand. The quicker you start playing with digital marketing, the faster you will start learning how to use it to your advantage.

What are your top online marketing tips? Leave them below…

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