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How to advertise to women online

How to advertise to women online

Best practice from the EIAA

The rate at which European women using the internet is growing indicates that within the next year they will be online more than men. Here are some insights which we hope will generate some ideas for people considering advertising to women online.

1. Understand evolving media

Advertisers need to recognise how women’s use of different media is evolving and becoming more complex – the internet now offers a much more varied environment where women are making the most of the information, communication and commerce opportunities.

2. Develop an interactive relationship

Because of this complexity, advertisers can create a more interactive relationship with female consumers online. It is essential to plan for the long-term and develop a detailed strategy for communicating with a female audience.

3. Seek out new routes

Online advertising offers greater variety and creative opportunities than simply running a series of ad banners. Advertorials and sponsorships are just two examples of alternative routes that could increase visibility and relevance of message

4. Study trends

Keep up on what’s hot and how women are using the internet to in their day-to-day lives - blogging, instant messaging, chat etc

5. Never use stereotypes

Today’s consumers no longer conform to the old stereotypes, they are all individuals online so don’t try to categorise them too simply.

6. Think clever creative

Online consumers are sophisticated and demanding. The internet offers advertisers the opportunity to engage and interact with their customers better but you need inventive and relevant campaigns, not gimmicks, to connect effectively with your audience.

7. Broadband implications

The increasing popularity of broadband is having a clear impact on who is using the internet and how they long they are using it for. Think about the creative possibilities offered.

8. Look at environments

Does the particular online environment you’re considering for a campaign really appeal to women? Think again about what they want and where you are planning ads.

9. Think prime time

Online is the second most used media during the day behind radio, and provides an extremely cost effective way of extending reach and impact.

10. Test and improve

Online is all about learning from your campaigns and improving creative and planning, use this to your advantage! You can also see how some of the world’s biggest brands have used online by visiting the EIAA Case Study Library.


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