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More Pets than Sex in keyword searches

More Pets than Sex in keyword searches

More people in the UK search for Pet shops than Sex shops, Wordtracker’s newly expanded UK database reveals.

The database provides customers with an invaluable tool to optimise their web pages for the British marketplace.

Wordtracker’s chief marketing officer, Ken McGaffin, said, “After thirteen months of hard work we now have more than 24 million keywords which have been sourced purely from the UK to help our clients gain a “corporate edge

“The internet is universal, but if people want to do a localized search in the UK market, then UK keywords are essential to give them an advantage.”

He added, “The web is now crucial to many business’s and this UK database is not only an important tool for UK companies, but it is also invaluable for those US companies who want to target the UK.”

The data comes from two different sources; UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) where all information gathered is completely anonymous, and secondly from UK search engines.

Having a UK database means businesses will be able to optimise accordingly. For example, if a hotel owner in London wants to do some search engine optimisation that includes both UK and US keywords they may want to focus in on something like ‘weekend breaks’.

Carry out this search and Wordtracker US places ‘weekend breaks’ much further down the database than ‘weekend getaway’ for example, which comes up top.

In the Wordtracker UK database, typing in ‘weekend break’ gets 2,400 searches as opposed to ‘weekend getaways,’ which only gets 107.

What can deduced from these two searches is that if a London hotel owner wanted to target the US market they would have to optimise a page with the words ‘weekend getaway’ but if they wanted to optimise for the UK ‘weekend break’ are the best keywords to use.

So does this mean businesses will have to choose between the UK and US?

“The simple answer is no”, said McGaffin. “What you can do is write separate web pages for both UK and US. You can optimise for two phrases or even three at a stretch, but it would be better to have individual pages for each of the top keywords.

“The keywords tell you a lot about who could be attracted to your website, so you should think about how you can optimise for each market.”

Mark Nunney, an expert in Search Engine Optimisation, says Wordtracker’s newly expanded UK database will come as a welcomed addition to his client’s research tools.

“This is what every serious online marketer has been waiting for in the UK. It also demonstrates that the words are being assessed by a good database.”

 “Most of my clients are primarily interested in the UK market. If you are doing keyword research most of the data is based in the US which is actually quite misleading, especially if you don’t know just how US biased the results are.”

He concluded, “You find yourself chasing shadows. It can be very frustrating if you have done a lot of research into  keywords and then set up your campaign with those keywords in place only to find that no one in the UK is searching for these terms.”

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