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How to do door-2-door marketing

How to do door-2-door marketing

Door 2 door is frequently considered low cost, untargeted and often treated as the bane of a creative’s life. Aside from creativity, Ben Allan, MD at TILT takes a more strategic point of view on how the medium can rectify its image, and look at ways to gain a greater return on investment; even more than a client’s own direct mail campaign.

At a time when budgets are coming under increasing pressure, marketers are keener than ever to explore new initiatives which secure as much value as possible.  This pressure stems from a demand for campaigns to saturate the digital market.

Online remains the strongest growth area in marketing budgets, suggesting that interaction with a brand is now very likely to be digital, whether on-line, on a mobile, or in a retail environment, regardless of cost.

However, the ability of door-to-door marketing to carry advertising and sales messages to every household in the UK makes it one of the most cost-effective ways of delivering high information content to large numbers of people.

While previously this medium has been portrayed as simple mass distribution, it is actually one of the most precisely targetable media there is.  And with Direct Mail expenditure increasing by “118% in the last 10 years, and a ROI of £1 spent £14 is generated” (; it is a medium that is impossible to ignore.

Almost 80% of consumers read, glance at or pass on door drops – the same percentage for direct mail.  However despite the facts and figures, door to door still faces threats that are having a detrimental effect on the market.

The environmental impact of waste, the fragmentation of media channels, government pressure and public opinion means that door to door practitioners need to re-think their strategies in order to gain cut-through and ensure messages have a longer ‘dwell time’ in the home.

The last couple of years particularly have witnessed an explosion in collaborative marketing as a result of re-thinking strategies.  Put simply, collaborative marketing is a multi-brand collaboration with a cross section of products and services that are all trying to reach a similar consumer audience.

Savvy advertisers are turning to this medium because their own door to door campaigns are faltering in terms of ROI.  Advertisers who believe they have the most stand out in their own solo campaigns do so at their own peril, as results from collaborative campaigns usually deliver higher ROI than their solo counterparts.

And with the doormat becoming more cluttered than ever, the stand out for an individual campaign is poorer than it has ever been.

Rather than commission their own door drop campaign and running the risk of alienating consumers with unwanted mail, similar brands can team together in one directory or catalogue to offer the home owner information of genuine use. 

Advertisers have been turning to this technique to boost their singular campaigns because the benefits are numerous – low risk, low cost and high response rates.

Add to that, collaborative campaigns are better for the environment as they cut down on the volume of print being mailed.  It is hard to see the draw back with this marketing technique.

The best campaigns are those that do not carry too many brands; fifteen is an optimum number because the consumer has enough choice to make the selection credible but there are not so many that advertisers don’t achieve the desired ROI.

TILT’s portfolio includes asrecommended, a collaborative marketing insert covering life insurance, home insurance, motoring insurance, among others.

Each catalogue of advertising also provides alongside the cross section of brands, celebrity interviews, relevant editorial and comparison tables which offer the consumer genuinely useful information, rather than just response advertising.

Alongside this, asrecommended rewards the consumer for their time with money saving coupons and competitions.

Asrecommended is joined by similar directory campaigns such as QuickPages, Are You Covered and national newspapers’ own collaborative booklets, all of which reaches the consumer who demands speed of use when being targeted.

Through these mediums, collaborative campaigns are spreading across a variety of different channels, including doordrops, direct mail and inserts and couldn’t be moving further away from its ‘junk mail’ stigma.

Everyone in the DM industry is looking for an effective ROI.  If the message and creative work delivers, there is no reason why they cannot find it in an effective door-to-door campaign.

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